A doctor, a little girl, and a businessman

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Hitler Poses for the Camera. 1930. Source:

In 1908, Vienna saw a new face: Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was just an 18-year-old aspiring artist. However, he aspired more than he actually worked. According to his friend Reinhold Hanisch, Hitler was a lazy night owl, never got a regular job, or finished a project.

Surprisingly, during this time in his life, Hitler also had extremely good relationships with Jewish people. At his house in Vienna, almost all of his friends were Jewish, with Josef Neumann being the closest.

And when Hitler took over Germany, he spared some of his old Jewish friends, kept some in his party, and even…

They loved to burn their cats

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After the Roman Empire fell, Europe fragmented into multiple political states, causing constant warfare and entering the so-called “Dark Ages.” Under the medieval feudal system, peasant life became extremely hard. Work often began at dawn and ended at dusk. Despite not having modern medicine, technology, or science, peasants still had many forms of entertainment: wrestling, shin-kicking, cock-fighting, among others.

However, sometimes, entertainment could be certainly weird and downright bizarre.

1. Apple Bobbing

How white immigrants targeted, terrorized, and killed innocent blacks

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Photo of rioters attacking a building on during the of 1863. Source:

It’s the insurrection nobody knows or talks about. Before the civil war started, Irish immigrants took menial jobs, originally reserved for Blacks. As the war was becoming inevitable, many Irish immigrants feared that freed Blacks would travel North and take their jobs. Their fears would reach a boiling point. In 1863, the United States government issued the first military draft for the civil war.

However, there was a catch: one could pay a $300 fine and escape the draft. This allowed rich whites to pay the draft fees but forced thousands of poor whites to enlist in the military.


Using jokes, mimes, and parties to clean up street violence.

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And the country’s major city Bogota was no exception. Lawless traffic, corruption, and gangs roamed the city’s It got so bad that the United Nations considered the city one of the most dangerous in Latin America.

It appeared the city was on the verge of collapse.

Until one slim, 51–year-old philosophy professor burst into the political scene to save the day.

Mayor Mockus: A Philosophical Experiment

was the unlikely hero of the day. Born in Colombia to Lithuanian immigrants, Mockus became a philosophy and mathematics professor at Colombian National University. …

The ethnic groups he admired, respected, and manipulated.

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Adolf Hitler Meeting Japanese ambassador to Germany Hiroshi Ōshima. Source:

Adolf Hitler is history’s most famous racist. Known for orchestrating the Holocaust, he directly murdered millions of Jews, Romanis, Slavs, homosexuals, and political opponents. Through his speeches, actions, and private conversations, it’s clear he hated many ethnic and cultural groups.

At the same time, he respected — and even admired — other cultural groups while manipulating others.

East Asians

Thousands of years of speculation, theories, and imaginations

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Various Depictions of Jesus. Source:

He’s the most famous blonde-hair, blue-eyed white man. After dying in C.E. 30, Jesus Christ’s philosophies became a new religion, Christianity. He became revered around the world as the son of God. Because Jesus is a major religious figure, his physical appearance has been portrayed in various ways. To examine his features, we first have to examine his life, which is told through the four Gospels of the New Testament Bible.

Biblical Accounts on Jesus’s Appearance

Japan’s discrimination against hopeless victims

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Atomic Bomb Victim Vaporized. Source:

Warning: the article contains disturbing material

The U.S. military, expecting the resistance of a “fanatically hostile population,” we’re making preparations for between 1.7 and 4 million casualties.

In 1945, Truman ordered a meeting with his War Department’s Joint Chiefs. Together, they thought of an insane plan, Operation Downfall. The operation would have the Allies directly invading Japan:

How the “Master” also proved the Pope wrong

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Albert Einstein and Georges Lemaître. Source:

Anyone studying science knows these names: Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, among many others. However, hardly anyone has ever heard of Georges Lemaître.

Simply put, Lemaître was a Belgian priest who revolutionized the scientific community with a famous theory: the Big Bang.

Even though he is mostly forgotten today, his theories proved Albert Einstein, often considered the greatest scientist ever, wrong!

Einstein and his greatest error

How homosexuality was widespread in Samurai culture

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The Art of Shunga. Source:

Samurai’s rise to power

The Samurai, roughly translated as “those who serve,” were warriors under daimyos — wealthy landowners. In the 12th century, political power began to shift from the emperor to the landowners. After Minamoto Yoritomo — leader of the Minamoto clan — prevailed against a rival clan, he established the Shogunate: a military dictatorship.

How a small island took over 25% of the world

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Defeat of the Ashantees, by the British forces under the command of Coll. Sutherland, July 11th 1824. Source:

In the 18th century, Scotland united with England thus creating the nation of Great Britain. However, this was really the creation of a new empire: the British Empire. The empire would come to establish colonies throughout the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

It would become the largest empire in history, and for over a century, the British would dominate world affairs.

At the peak of its power, the empire controlled 25% of the world’s land. As a result, the British were often described as, “the empire on which the sun never sets.”

Yet, eventually, the sun did set…

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