The reasons to consider JavaScript the best programming language for the beginners

Choosing the language

If you decided to become a professional coder and have already made an attempt to get familiar with the complex industry, you are already aware of the fact that the process of the programming language choosing is the most important on the initial stage of learning. This obvious fact will be definitely confirmed even by the most experienced coders, who already took their lumps. In this article, we are going to explain why JavaScript (JS) is considered the optimal choice for the beginning of the initial journey into the amazing, financially lucrative and incredibly prospective world of coding. We are going to offer you the most important reasons to choose JavaScript. By choosing JavaScript, you won’t lose your precious time. Vice versa you are going to create a strong foundation for the future (you can use it even while learning other programming languages) being able to find a convenient and financially rewarding job.


If you are trying to find a prospective profession in the field of IT and coding, you may try yourself in web development. People all around the world prefer using only qualitative web services, thus the demand in the experienced developers will only increase day by day. According to the most relevant information in the US market (, JavaScript specialists can earn up to $125 thousand per year (backend developers).

Conclusion: by choosing JavaScript, you can easily find a job and get a salary that is going to be higher than the average one around the country. It’s worth noting that real JavaScript experts are sought after by such giant corporations as Amazon, Netflix, Walmart, PayPal, and many others.


It’s worth noting that all the latest versions of browsers support Javascript. In fact, it’s the only programming language that can be used to create interactive web pages. Furthermore, the process of initial learning of Javascript is relatively easy because you can avoid thinking about the most complex parts of the hardware equipment, simply working in the field of coding and understanding all its features. In fact, Javascript is a relatively easy programming language for learning. In this aspect, JavaScript can be compared with Python and Ruby. You can start the process of JavaScript development right in your browser without creating a special development environment.

Javascript has an enormous community that consists of millions of people all around the world, who are always ready to help you. You can easily find dozens and hundreds of smaller communities offering ready-to-use solutions of the different levels of complexity. This is one of the best advantages of JavaScript that can’t be found in almost 600 different programming languages all around the world. Probably, only Python is able to offer the same level of community support. By browsing through the JavaScript communities, you can not only find the answer for the most popular questions, new tools, add-ons, and solutions but a wide range of experienced mentors and professional books. It’s worth noting that there are at least a dozen professional manuals, including those translated in Russian, which will significantly improve the process of JavaScript learning.

Summary: JavaScript is not too complex for the newbie in the world of coding, while the international community will actively support both the programmer and the programming language in all possible situations.

Versatile programming language

In the beginning, JavaScript was the programming language created especially for web clients. However, these days it can be used in virtually any field: from the most simple solutions to the most complex professional tools. By learning JavaScript you will be able to do the following things:

  • Developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android by using React Native
  • Create modern web-interfaces with the help of React.js, Vue.js or Angular
  • Create CLI solutions with the help of Node.js
  • Develop the backend part of various web applications by using Node.js and Express
  • Create automation scenarios for Mac computers by using JXA
  • Create automation scenarios for Photoshop
  • Use ExcelJS in order to develop tools intended to edit files in the XLS format
  • Create desktop applications with the HUI for Windows/Mac/Linux with the help of Electron
  • Develop the back-end solutions for the blockchain technology and work with Ethereum smart contracts because Solidity (the special programming language that was developed to create smart contracts) is just another version of JavaScript with a limited functionality

If you want to create unique solutions for thousands and millions of users all around the world, JavaScript is the right and the best choice for you.

Conclusion: by learning JavaScript once, you will be able to use it in order to create a wide range of different tools and solutions. It’s worth noting that one simply can’t create a truly interactive website without knowing and using Javascript. At the same time, the Javascript community is working hard in order to create new tools and find new opportunities for Javascript implementation.

Important reference point

One needs to understand that Javascript is a foundation, which can be used as the starting point in order to develop their skills and learn new frameworks and libraries. The majority of them are complex and independent enough to create high demand in the services of an experienced programmer in that specific field. Such add-ons as TypeScript, Dart, CoffeeScript will not only improve your code but will make it simpler and easier to understand. If you want to develop yourself beyond the field of web applications, you can discover the world of server solutions and Node.js.

Conclusion: by learning the basics of JS, you are able to create a strong foundation, which can be used to develop your skills in the most complex fields of programming. Furthermore, you will be able to get familiar with the syntax of such programming languages as C, С++, C#, Java, and PHP.


During the last couple of years, both developers and users pay a lot of attention to web projects and services. At the same time, the majority of applications for smartphones and tablets can be easily implemented with JavaScript. One needs to remember the enormous level of support from the corporate giants, such as Google and Facebook.

Information about the growth of JavaScript in comparison with the 15 most popular programming languages:

Source: GitHub Octoverse

In other words, there’s no need to be worried about the future of JavaScript :)

Key disadvantages of JavaScript

Like any other programming language, JavaScript has its own flaws and disadvantages. The key difference with all other languages is the fact that the number of advantages simply excels the flaws. Furthermore, the majority of the issues can be eliminated with your own experience or by using a wide range of add-ons and plug-ins. Here are the most popular and well-known disadvantages of JS: various problems while processing the data types (this language may have some problems while processing the variables and there’s no way to check the created code); no support of the object-oriented programming (experienced coders are able to solve the issue with their own solutions); need to use the libraries and frameworks (one can master this process only after getting some experience).


JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are three pillars of the web development world. If you plan to work in the field of web development and coding, you have to learn JavaScript for your own benefit. This programming language is the foundation that will allow working in a wide range of professional fields. Furthermore, true JavaScript professionals are highly demanded in the modern world and can be sure to get high salaries in the nearest future.



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