Behind the Scenes — Part 1

Shockheaded Peter actors Sarah Shippobotham, Shawn Francis Saunders, Brenda Hattingh, Leviticus Brown, and Emily Nash talk about living inside a demented children’s book:

Q: What is this play?

LEVI: It’s a cabaret “freak show” or sideshow, a Something Wicked This Way Comes kind of circus that also carries a kind of ludicrous absurd quality to it.

BRENDA: It’s a bunch of stories meant to teach kids a lesson — like how people say “if you cross your eyes for too long, they’ll stay that way”
But in the case of these stories, the consequence is always death.

SHAWN: It’s a punk show and Storytelling Time with Hans.

ALEX: What’s Storytelling Time with Hans?

SHAWN: I made that up.

BRENDA: But it’s also about rejection and redemption — The child who is rejected and then accepted as part of the family in the end. Instead of the child taking on the parents’ appearance, they take on his and that makes them family. They realize that everything that disgusted them about him, is what they are. Maybe it’s a lesson in acceptance or self-reflection.
But really it’s just fun and bizarre.

EMILY: Delightfully macabre entertainment.

Shockheaded Peter is now playing October 2017.