Impacting Meteors

Actress Elizabeth Golden and Director Morag Shepherd on the process of creating “Do You Want to See Me Naked?”

This show contains real, actual, true stories from your life — why did you include these particular stories?

LIZ: This handful of stories are moments in my life that, looking back, I can now see were landmarks. Craters left by meteors. They are also very personal and even humiliating. But what kept coming up for me and Morag was this mutual desire to tell stories about our bodies that are honest and show the whole picture, even at the cost of losing our dignity. We wanted to have a really and wholly intimate experience with our audiences. These stories get us there on a bullet train.

What can you tell us about creating a one-woman show?

MORAG: It’s different because there is no where for me, or the actor to hide. It’s exposed. It’s vulnerable.

LIZ: I love being able to fully connect with the audience and the magic of trying to sustain that. I also love that my fingerprints are on every part of this production. That’s an unusual experience for an actor. On the other hand, I’m having a hard time adjusting to the isolated nature of it. I love being on stage with other people, and the power that offers is hard to make up for when you’re on your own. But it’s been an amazing process.

MORAG: It’s challenging because I can’t tell if it’s completely insane.

LIZ: The most challenging part was figuring out how to tell the story we wanted to tell. There were a lot of sessions where Morag and I just tugged on strings to see what would come loose and what would lead us somewhere. The play has had many iterations along the way.

What is your working relationship like?

LIZ: Working with Morag is like dropping acid at Disneyland.
But seriously, it’s been a really creative and refreshing experience. We’ve seemed to be on the same page from the beginning and we’ve developed a really collaborative piece.

MORAG: Um, Liz is maybe the most likable person in the universe, and I may only be doing one-woman shows with her till I die.

Do You Want to See Me Naked
featuring Elizabeth Golden, Directed by Morag Shepherd
at The Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival — July 28-August 6

SLC theatre co: new plays, unconventional venues, bold audiences. Now Playing — THE DISTANCE OF THE MOON thru December 22 — Tix:

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