Jessica Rubin on clothing the Moon Play

Costume Designer on THE DISTANCE OF THE MOON

Renderings: Jessica Rubin

On joining the team:
I actually didn’t know much about Sackerson when I was asked to join this project. I was so intrigued by Sackerson’s unique approach to theatre and I knew that this show would be a new challenge for me. My costume design experience has mostly been with shows that are set in very definite time periods- I had never worked on a show that created a new world within an arbitrary time period and I jumped at the opportunity to help create that.

Graham Brown as the Deaf Cousin

On inspirations:
While I drew from many different time periods, I started with a basis of 18th century working class. I also had to take into consideration that the actors needed to be able to move and dance in their costumes in addition to being dressed for the chilly weather out at sea.

On colors and textures:
Dave and I originally decided on a very earthy and neutral color pallet, but I have also incorporated blue into everyone’s costume in some way to help represent the sea.

Jahnavi Alyssa as Qfwfq

On characters:
Each character has such a unique personality so I tried to pull out those traits through their clothing. I tried to show the innocence in Xltlx, the explorer in Qfwfq, the introvert in the Captain, the romance in the Captains Wife, and the adventure in the Deaf Cousin.

On Favorites:
I love the Captain’s Wife’s costume. I had a bit more with the Captain and the Captain’s wife since they do a less movement than the rest of the cast, so I was able to layer her costume in historical pieces including a front lacing vest- and Liz looks beautiful in the costume.

THE DISTANCE OF THE MOON runs through December 22
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