Peeling Away the Layers

Jul 21, 2017 · 2 min read
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While I was pitching an idea, to perform iconic sexy scenes for my master’s project, my professor, who is amazing, and liberal, and progressive, told me: “You can do those scenes Liz, but we can’t escape the idea that beauty is beauty, and people just want to see the beautiful.”
Immediately I thought, well — fuck that.

What is this play about?

MORAG: This show is about a woman (liz), learning to love herself, despite being told over and over again, to hate herself.

LIZ: It’s about bodies and boys and God.

MORAG: Yes — I wrote a script. Scratched the whole of it. Decided it would be better for me to just listen — and then I wrote that.

LIZ: Morag Shepherd leaned close while I whispered my secrets and my shames, and then she turned and whispered them to a 300,000,000 year old tree. The same tree that tempted Eve. And then the tree bore fruit that was sweet and hard to reach.
LIZ: Ok, that’s not how it happened. In this reality we sat in a room and laughed and cried, and she wrote down everything she could and then asked me to give it a body and a voice. What we have come up with is the scariest, most satisfying moment of theater I have ever been involved in.
I am laying it all down at your feet.
It’s yours now.
Come take me. It.
Come collect your prize.

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Do You Want to See Me Naked
featuring Elizabeth Golden, Directed by Morag Shepherd
at The Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival — July 28-August 6

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