How to know if you’ve done well in an interview

Post-interview most candidates leave trying to figure out whether they did well or not. There are numerous examples of people thinking they have flown through the interview and that all has gone well — only to find out they significantly under-performed. Likewise, some people think they have flunked the interview only to be offered the job! Here are a few key points or signs that your interviewer liked you and that you could be in line for a job offer or a second interview.

1. You find common ground

Do you feel a genuine connection with the interviewer? It’s important to build rapport with the person who interviews you as this could be your future boss or colleague. It’s a great start if they like you, it sets a good grounding for the interview.

2. Positive affirmation

Once common ground has been found, you could receive positive affirmation when you talk about skills or experience relevant to the job.

3. Body Language

Usually people will mirror body language without noticing. If you were smiling and maintained good eye contact, the hiring manager or interviewer probably did the same. Another sign that they are interested in what you had to say.

4. Sell the job to you

When a hiring manager or interviewer liked you they might make an effort to sell you the job. This could be through mentioning all the benefits of the job role, career opportunities and the strength of their company.

5. Using future tense

Using phrases like “When you’re here”, “If you’re here” or “if you took the job” are great tells that the interviewer liked you and is thinking of your future within the company.

6. Check out the building

If an interview is going very well, the hiring manager may even show you around the building. Showing you the lunch room, the view of the office or other nice perks of working at the company. It may even mean you bump into a few professionals working at the business and if you’re introduced to them, then you’re doing something right!

7. Give you tips

If an interview is going well, the hiring manager likes you and you’re in line for a second interview, the hiring manager may even provide tips on how to ace their recruitment process. These could be tips such as, bring evidence of your previous work or mention some experience you have which would really impress.

8. Length of the interview

If the interview runs over schedule it usually means it went quite well. You’ve chatted and built a good rapport with the hiring manager.

9. Notice period

Finally, if they ask you if you are interviewing for other positions (and what stage you are at in the process) or what your notice period to leave your current job, that is typically a VERY positive sign.

Have you checked all the boxes?

You’ve left feeling positive and know you’ve done your best, you couldn’t have done anymore.

Congratulations you’ve done well, but there are no guarantees you’ve landed the job or even a second interview. While you’re waiting for feedback from that interview ensure you keep looking. It keeps your options open no matter what the outcome is from the interview.

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