Digital World Exchange is the gateway between dollars and trading on cryptocurrency exchanges

Digital World Exchange (DWE) aims to simplify the exchange of digital
cryptocurrency. Our blockchain platform provides an extremely friendly
user interface that integrates speed of execution with a fair fee
schedule. Our global network of users easily participate in
cryptocurrency exchange and storage across country borders.
Secure encrypted digital wallets are available for both Android and
iPhone users, finally allowing the easy, safe transaction of digital
currency exchange wherever you may be. Our crypto debit card, under
development, will make digital purchases easier than fiat-based ones.
Our card will allow the user to instantly, convert and submit the digital
currency of choice to stores, vendors and individuals.
There are many exchange platforms currency in play. What makes DWE
different? First, we plan on being around for the long haul. Our founders
have been in the cryptocurrency space almost since its inception. We
have seen the fly-by-night exchanges come and go and have lost
money with the rest of you. We must remove the criminal element from
our cryptocurrency world.
We also see the exorbitant fees the more popular exchanges charge
and believe that is wrong. The nature of digital exchange is just that,
digital. The backend of an exchange should not be burdensome, slow,
overly restrictive, and monopolistic in pricing.
Finally, being based in the United States, we plan to accept the
regulatory environment. In fact, we welcome it. To remove the stain of
the past use of cryptocurrency, accountability is necessary. Federal and
state regulators see the benefits and inevitability of block chain
technology and want to encourage it. As that happens, cryptocurrency
will be able to achieve its goal of widespread acceptability and use. We
are preparing for that.