DWE provides on-chain, zero confirm, instant transactions

Digital World Exchange’s major priority is to ensure a safe transaction delivery and to protect the crypto assets of our customers. We have developed our platform with the benefit of studies of the past failures of others in this space.

DWE will form solid links between other financial institutions, exchanges, and brokers on a single platform designed for low cost trading execution and transfer fees. We plan to actively solicit regulator input into the design of our products and services to produce a best in class exchange environment.
DWE is a centralized exchange, based on open token exchange protocol, within the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts to facilitate trades between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies. This means that your tokens can remain at your blockchain address during a trade transaction.

DWE provides on-chain, zero confirm, instant transactions between other DWE members with wallets maintained on the exchange. The DWE trading desk platform provides the matching of incoming orders, the maintaining of detail order and execution records and the display of real-time market pricing data including real-time charts. DWE will restrict trading within the exchange to the top 20 coins as presented by coinmarketcap.com as the highest volume sellers. As coins rise or fall from that list, the current top 20 coins will weekly replace them.