Soundproofing Issues In The Modern Coworking Spaces: How Sound Affects The Way You Work?

Welcome to the 21st century — a time when most workers are mobile, freelance and location-independent. In such reality, it is evident that workers are everywhere — and that the concept of coworking has been globally accepted.

We see examples of coworking everywhere — from libraries to coffee shops and even official coworking spaces that offer different packages for laptop workaholics. If you are one of these people, you certainly enjoy your lifestyle and can’t wait to sit and drink your coffee in a different location each new month or year.

  • the big number of gadgets and devices that feature sounds
  • constant distractions (clicks, moves, scratches, stand-ups, sit-downs etc.)

#1: Sarona Labs- Tel Aviv, Israel

#2: Proximity Space

# 3: Ministry of New- Mumbai, India