Jon Flanagan Dream

Last night I had a mental dream, the long and short of it was that Liverpool FC were getting changed for a match at my local train station so I jumped out of the lift to work I had in order to get some once in a lifetime selfies.

Jon “The Lad” Flanagan

I decided I would prioritise the selfie with Jon Flanagan (above picture) as he’s a top lad who I would definitely cherish a pic with. After running over to him I decided to show him some pics of my brother-in-law wearing his Flanno shirt, pictures that actually exist in real life. However, to my horror, once i opened the photos app the entire library was filled with pictures of Pob (See picture below).


Fortunately, upon seeing the pictures of Pob, Flanno thought it was hilarious and laughed it off. What a top lad I thought to myself and started laughing with him. I laughed so hard that I woke myself up and even in the sleepy haze I was in at 4:30am I managed to write a note on my phone reminding me of this simply incredible dream.

A hastily written note about my dream

Had i not had the nouse to write down this important message then who knows if I would have remembered this encounter come the morning. Thankfully I did and now you too can see that ‘dream’ Jon Flanagan really is proper sound. I wonder if he is this sound in real life…?