£12 worth of groceries for £1.50? Alright.

It’s a new week for Shopitize deals so I’ll get straight to it. Included are the best deals on the weekly offers, as well the mega bonus deal too, so get ready for some money-savers. Here are your top five (valid until 11:59pm 12/05/15):

Activia Intensely Creamy Yogurt-4 x 110g- Peaches & Cream OR Raspberries & Cream — @ Asda @ 94p + 50p cashback. It’s already a very good price from Asda (vs £2.40 at all other supermarkets), and the cashback makes it a bargain at just 11p per pot!

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter-500g-@ Tesco @ £1 + 40p cashback. Not the best deal of the lot but 60p for branded marge. I can’t believe that you’ll get butter than that.

Colgate Extra Clean Toohbrush (pack of 3) — @ Tesco @ £1 + 80p cashback. This is a right winner. Three colgate toothbrushes for 20p. Bought at Asda or Sainsbury’s without cashback: £4. That’s a £3.80 saving right there.

Radox Bath Therapy (selected lines)-500ml- @ Tesco @ 85p + 35p cashback. At only 10p/100ml, this is a pretty good deal for all you bath folk out there. I’m a shower man myself, so I’ll pass.

Yop Yogurt Drink-500g-Raspberry OR Strawberry-@ Tesco @ £1 or 2 for £1.50 + £1 cashback. This is the bonus and will require you to pop in a code on your Shopitize menu. Simply enter ‘15YOPP’ and the offer will appear with the rest. You can get one for free, or two for 50p. Alternatively, head to Asda and get one for 75p, netting you a 25p profit!

*Not actual size. I believe the toothbrushes are somewhat larger.

So, are this week’s deals worth bagging? Well, if you were to head to Sainsbury’s and pick up these five items without cashback they’d set you back £11.90. By obtaining the items at their best prices between Tesco and Asda you can get all five for just £1.49 after cashback. You’re saving £10.50 on just five items, averaging over £2 saved per item. Ridiculous; crazy. “That’s crazy talk. You’re crazy Marge. Get off the road!”

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