Bulk buying bonanza

There’s always a bit of pressure on the first post, perhaps comparable to the pressure I felt in Iceland today. An unfamiliar scene, but one required in my money-saving mission.

As I was forced down the first aisle (not in a bad way, more due to the layout of the shop dictating where you must go — clever), I quickly stumbled across what I was looking for. The treasured Weetabix Crispy Minis Chocolate Chip (600g), half price (having been informed by the marvelous MoneySupermarket Android App) at just £1.25. I was seeking eight (yes, eight) boxes, which happened to be the total of their shelf stock. It was a winner, and only set me back a tenner.

It looks like more if you spread it out

Now, at this point you may be thinking I’m clinically insane. “Why is this drone sharing such a dull tale of dreary and depressing dealings in, of all places, Iceland?”. Fair question. I’m tight, but it’s not just that.

I’m tight because my Dad’s tight (it’s always someone else’s fault), and he taught me well and to be wise with what I have. I’ve always been a saver, and what I do spend I try to wisely. Since moving into my own home with my wife, I’ve gone even deeper into the money saving world, as I venture into to the likes of home insurance, gas and elecricity suppliers, and the wonderful ‘weekly grocery shop’. I’m here to share what I’ve learnt, and am learning, so you too can become a tight ass, money-saving expert.

So back to the cereal; why the significance? Cereal, I have found, is an overpriced necessity. Necessary, because it is the foundation of one’s day (or should be, at least), overpriced, because it is. So, my rule is that I only buy it if it’s half price. Based on an average price of £2.50 (I’m talking branded cereals here), I saved £10 today; but the key is always to look at the bigger picture, and hopefully observe that I’m not insane.

Say there’s only two of you in your household, both eating cereal on a daily basis. If you just buy the same each week regardless of price, each getting through a box each week, it’s costing you around £260 a year. By seeking out the half price deals, and stocking up when I can, I’m saving £130 a year. If you’ve got kids too then it’s even more, just for bucking the trend of sticking with the same cereal each week, or indeed, only buying one or two boxes at a time…

Simple changes to shopping habits can save you massive amounts in the long run. If you’re parents with two kids, then I could have just saved you £250 a year. That’s just cereal. You wait until we open the other cupboards.