Cherished Receipt Memories

Wednesday is a pleasant day of the week. For me it usually means day off, which these days means laundry, cleaning, and catching up with the cat. Arguably just as exciting, it means new deals on the best app you’ll ever get for your phone; Shopitize.

I personally would advise against leaving your phone on the table when liquids are present, as it could result in damage if spillages occur. I would also advise against storing frozen or refrigerated items on your dining room table, as locations such as the freezer or fridge would be more suitable for keeping the items cool.

Shopitize is a free Android and iOS app which gives you cashback on your in-store grocery shop. Every week a new range of specific offers are uploaded onto the app, from Weetabix Minis (boo-yah) to Dog Food (boo-nah), with a set amount of cashback available for each item. Available in all major supermarkets, it’s an easy way to get money back on items you’ll often be buying on a regular basis anyway, as well as items you may have otherwise ignored.

This isn’t my phone. You can tell it’s not my phone, or anyone’s phone, because nobody ever, ever has 100% battery.

So how does it work? After installing and registering, simply decide what takes your fancy and buy it as usual, ensuring you hold onto the receipt. Scan the barcodes of the items with your phone camera (it can be best to do this in store to ensure the item is correct), and then snap the receipt. The app will then automatically detect the items on the receipt, and add the cashback to your account. You can withdraw your rewards when you want, via PayPal (for a small fee) or BACS payment directly to your bank account.

Easy money. I imagine you’re thinking that it can’t be that simple which is fair enough, but it really is. If you have any questions head over to their website to read more, or leave me a comment.

I’ll be posting the best deals to go for on a weekly basis, usually focusing on the bargains in Tesco (and sometimes Asda), as they are the only supermarkets I use (mainly due to my location as opposed to my ethics!). Here are top five offers for this week (valid until 11:59pm 05/05/15) :

Cathedral City Cheddar — Mature — 350g @ Tesco @ £2 + 50p cashback. I usually avoid Cathedral City even when on offer or with cashback as it still works out as more than Tesco Everyday Value (which to me tastes as good), but with Cashback this deal works out @ £4.29/kg, better than Tesco’s own @ £5/kg.

Ambrosia Rice Pudding — 4 x 125g @ Tesco @ 71p + 50p cashback. This is an item I wouldn’t usually buy, but 21 pence (or 5 pence per pot) is one that I’m not going to say no to…

Nestle Cheerios — 600g @ Tesco @ £1.59 + 50p cashback. A big family sized box of cereal for just over £1 is a sure winner. I’m pretty sorted for cereal at the moment though, ahem.

Radox Shower Gel Coconut Kiss — 250ml @ Tesco @ 75p + 40p cashback. At more than 5 times cheaper than Asda after cashback, it’s another no brainer. Plus it’s called Coconut Kiss, which is nice.

Any own brand Fresh Milk — 4 pints @ Asda @ 89p + 25p cashback. Whilst most items will only be on the app for one week, milk will appear on a weekly basis. For that reason I won’t post it every week, but it’s an easy 25p on a weekly essential.

So, is it worth it? Yes, but like any grocery shopping you need to be wise. It won’t always be a good deal even with the cashback, and nearly all the aforementioned offers are half price plus cashback, making them the best value by a country mile (as opposed to an urban mile).

As for this week’s top five, if you went into Tesco and bought the four pots of Ambrosia Rice Pudding, big box of Cheerios, 4 pints of milk, Cathedral City cheese, and Radox Shower Gel it’d set you back just £3.90 after cashback. To put that into perspective, if you’d have bought the same five items without cashback it’d have cost £9.65 at Sainsbury’s, and £9.95 at Asda, saving you over £5 on just five items.

It may sound like small fry, but if you save that much every week for a year then you’ve saved over £250, on just a weekly small bag of groceries. Not bad for taking a photo of a receipt every seven days, and just think of the joy you’ll experience scrolling back through your phone gallery, reliving all those wonderful shopping trips!

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