You’ll be writing lettuce to friends about this one.

It’s another week for Shopitize offers and after the dizzy heights of last week’s epic deals, this week’s are a little more low key. However, I begin writing this on Wednesday so am yet to see what the bonus offer is — we shall see! Still some bargains to be had, so starting with standard offers and finishing with the show-stopper, here are the top five for this week (valid until 11:59pm 19/05/15):

Any own brand Iceberg Lettuce- @ 49p @ most supermarkets + 40p cashback. It’s lettuce. For 9p. Put the champagne on ice(berg) to celebrate this one. (priciest 60p @ Sainsbury’s — this is the highest price you’ll find this item at at any of the major supermarkets, and has been added to all this week’s offers for you reference)

Mr Muscle 5in1 Spray (Bathroom & Toilet/Kitchen/Window & Glass)- @ £1 @ Tesco/Asda + 25p cashback. Not the biggest cashback payout you’ll ever get but a good brand already half price makes a good deal regardless. I recently bought the window one and it certainly does the job — until it rains again. Yawn. (priciest £1.99 @ Morrisons)

Original Source Shower Gel (Mint/Lemon/Lime/Lavender/Coconut) 250ml — @97p @ Asda + 50p cashback. A top brand shower gel available in a choice of scents (assume that’s the right word — it’s not flavours is it!?), for only 47p. Even if you’ve a healthy supply, worth grabbing to stick in the cupboard. (priciest £1.10 @ Tesco)

Burton’s Jammie Dodgers 140g — @ 45p @ Tesco/Asda + 30p cashback. Not the biggest pack of this variety, but still 8 Jammie Dodgers (I think) at 2 pence per biscuit. These are somewhat of a regular on Shopitize currently, normally appearing at least once a month — a winner for me! (priciest 90p @ Sainsbury’s)

Cadbury Mini Animals 132g (6 x 22g) — @ 98p @ Asda + £1 cashback. This is the mega bonus deal for the week, and as such you’ll need to pop in a voucher code to see it in your offers. Just enter ‘15MINI’, and you’ll be able to pick these up with a 2 pence profit for your trouble! (£1.50 @ Sainsbury’s)

I can’t help thinking that the lettuce picture is bigger than the other pictures. Never mind.

So, the question I ask every week; is it worth it? Well, it’s five fairly random items for a grand total of £1.44 after cashback (so actually weighing in at less than last week’s top five). Bought at their highest price across the major supermarkets without cashback, they’d set you back £6.09. (so not saving half as much as last week’s top five). Still some bargains though, and all available at their best price at Asda, so a one-stop special.

There’s also one extra offer for any Morrisons shoppers out there (although I’m yet to meet anyone who has ever shopped there). It’s also worth saying that nearly all these week’s offers (excluding the Mr Muscle) are competitively priced at Morrisons, so could be worth an excursion to the strange-land of Morri, especially if you love these:

McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Hobnobs Flapjacks 170g (5 per pack) — @ 65p @ Morrisons + 30p cashback. A Morrisons exclusive this one — grab these at only 7 pence per flapjack! Not really worth it anywhere else though, in my opinion.

I must admit I’m quite excited to get the Cadbury Mini Animals. I’ve grown up with them being a yearly treat in my stocking at Christmas, and here I am getting some in May; how very festive!

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