I have been working at Dataiku for 2 years and a half now. What an amazing ride it has been so far! The company has grown from 50 people in one office in Paris to 200 across the world, from a startup to an actual company. I feel that things are getting more and more interesting.

- How many times have I watched that movie? Not enough.

I was personally lucky to get the opportunity to move from the Parisian “mothership” to the blooming London office. It has been very enriching to work on the other side of the Channel…

Last October 2016, I was starting a new job at an uprising French startup called Dataiku: fifty people developing one product (Data Science Studio, a.k.a. DSS) with the will to transform the way companies use data.

- Couscous for lunch with a few colleagues last October!

I was both excited and nervous. As an otaku “data scientist”, I loved the Japanese play-of-word, the software and the vision behind it. …

I am excited to share some great news with you on this blog. I have just joined Dataiku, a fast-growing startup developing a novel kind of Data Science platform. This is an important new step in my life, after spending a few years in the consulting business and training as a Data Scientist. I would like to give you some explanation as to why I joined them and why I believe in their vision and product.

(Big credits to French magazine Le Point for this cool picture)

My own vision for the future has not changed: I am still convinced…

As I announced a few weeks ago on my social networks, I have been accepted to the ENSAE ParisTech program in Data Science. Starting in September, I will follow this program as a part-time student while continuing to work at Capgemini Consulting. I will progressively transition from my current management consulting role to a Data Scientist. I am glad to share this amazing news with you, and I am grateful for all the help I have received to make this project come true. Special thanks to the Big Data & Analytics team at Capgemini Consulting for supporting my ambition!


I have been experimenting with Bitcoin for over a year now, and here is a short summary of my thoughts about it:


  • Bitcoin can drive transaction costs down dramatically, both disrupting the traditional finance industry and creating new business models based on micropayment. Knowing the high fees imposed by current payment intermediaries to merchants and thus to consumers, Bitcoin is a big deal.
  • Bitcoin does not require much infrastructure investment (near-zero marginal cost) which makes it an interesting option for unbanked populations in developing countries.
  • Beyond payment, the underlying Blockchain technology can be used to enforce complete contracts, extending its…

1 app = 1 use case and Crossing the Chasm

Foursquare has been on my smartphone home screen for 3 years now — a long time considering today’s shortening technological life cycles. I have been one of the early adopters of the service, back when it was a simple check-in app. I have over 1000 check-ins, 100 tips, and I used to have a ton of badges (back when the feature existed). I even created a few places to contribute to the community.

As an avid life-logger, I love how Foursquare empowers me to remember all the places I visited, and how it creates incentives to discover new ones. I…

An Interpretation of the Hype Cycle

I have been thinking a lot lately about the differences in the process of innovation in established companies and in the world of startups. In particular, why do incumbents fail to innovate and resist disruption? I have several well-known examples in mind: the music industry, the hotel industry, and more recently, the taxi industry.

There are several factors I can think of:

  1. Lateness to realize the seriousness of the threat (systematic mistake)
  2. Fear of cannibalizing established products (this is true of the music industry)
  3. Inability to cooperate with the other incumbents on a common standard or platform to resist disruption…

Alex Combessie

R&D Engineer @Dataiku. Tech startup nerd. Go #FrenchTech!

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