I Moved to Norway Aged 19 for Work, and Found My Motivation

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At the age of 19, I quit college and moved from the UK to Norway. It was one of the most impulsive moves of my life, and it was the best choice I ever made.

I had reached the end of my motivation with school, it had been waning for a few years, but this time I was done. I had just started my second year of college, having managed a good result in the first year of a Physics degree. …

How I Hit the Wall During the Lockdown and Broke Through It

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I started running seriously in March during the first lockdown. I needed a way to escape the house because it had become my life; I would wake up, work, eat, sleep, workout, repeat — all in the same space.

Before that, I was training at the gym 3–4 times a week, but I found that the online gym sessions after lockdown were not the same. I wasn’t getting the same workout, and I had lost motivation.

Over the previous 12 months, I had lost around 120 pounds through diet and exercise. My daily calorie target was about 1800 calories, and…

Use these skills to be the best developer you can be!

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Learning to code is one of the best skills you can develop both as a leader and someone who can deliver real value to a company. That said it is a tricky skill to learn and requires a lot of different elements to come together.

I’ve tried to document some of the critical business lessons I have learned over the last 20 years as a software developer and business leader.

These lessons should be equally valuable to both leaders and devs alike; they are the path to become a…

I Was Run Down, Had Pains in My Legs and Was Severely Overweight

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In early 2019, I was struggling. At just 36, I had pains in my legs and couldn’t do more than 30 minutes of housework without sitting down in pain. My head felt foggy, I felt wiped out all the time, and something wasn’t right.

I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread. — Bilbo Baggins

It was starting to affect my job; I was becoming forgetful, and getting motivated to go to meetings was becoming a problem. After months of struggling through that fog, I went to see the doctor. …

Eight Tips to Deal with Dishonesty

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I have had four times in my career where I have come across an exceptionally dishonest co-worker or employee. Three times with a previous employer, and once with an employee at the company I run.

I think it is important to classify what I mean by dishonesty; I don’t mean someone who stole a few pencils. I mean someone whose deliberate acts ended up costing the company thousands of dollars and many hours as a result.

When someone is managed from a position of trust and willing to lie directly, then you will be at your most vulnerable.

These are…

Tips From a Technical Leader to Help Managers Communicate in With Their Developers

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I don’t envy you if you are a non-technical Manager of a software development team. I hope that this article can give you some insight into the challenges of managing a development team.

Developers are generally a quiet bunch until they feel that things are going badly, so it is essential to work on developing good lines of communication. If you think that your development team spends their time complaining, then it is likely a communication issue rather than a development issue.

The good news is that they aren’t speaking Martian; they have a different set of words to express…

Preparing for Success and Reducing Your Exam Risk

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I am writing this coming off a pass on the CISSP exam; I completed it this morning after preparing for over a month for the actual exam. The exam itself is just as formidable as the online forums will have you believe, so I thought I would document my top tips while they are fresh.

Some of these tips may seem a bit generic, but my strongest recommendation would be to make sure you have the experience to take the exam first. …

How you can avoid going backwards in your weight loss journey

Image by Author

I have always been large from an early age when I started at school aged 4; I was always the biggest in the class, at least twice as big as the next kid through high school and college.

It took me until the age of 30 to finally reach a healthy weight, having joined Slimming World a few years earlier and losing over 150 pounds. The problem is, it all came back, and I had a new mission to lose it again!

What I learned the first time

Slimming World was a revelation. They presented a way that I could eat whatever I wanted, including lean…

Shake up your physical environment, food and exercise routine

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This year has been unique and created some enormous challenges for those of us that live alone and are single. It has created pressure on both physical and mental health, which are inextricably linked.

It is easy to feel marginalised or disconnected when single in a world filled with families and large friendship groups, and this year has left us more disconnected than ever. As a single person, it is important to take time for yourself. Don’t just throw yourself into work and forget about your own mental health; it will have negative long-term consequences.

Take time to improve your physical environment

My approach to improving mental…

How I Got Control of My Bad Habits and My Startup

Photo by NESA by Makers on Unsplash

I am currently five years into my first startup journey, and over that time, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons and made a lot of mistakes. One learning stands out above all of the rest, but I didn’t understand it until a year ago.

I was failing to invest in the most critical asset that I have, myself, and my bad habits were killing my business.

Self-awareness is an essential trait in a leader.

I meet quite a few other founders through my journey, often at events, and I have short conversations with them about what they do, and we often discuss challenges that we’ve run…

Alex Cowan

I am the CEO and Founder of RazorSecure, a startup focused on providing cyber security solutions, powered by machine learning, for the railway industry

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