. The murder of Emmett Till sparked even more controversy between whites and blacks in the 1950’s. The black teenager whistled at a white women in a store and was brutally murdered a few days later because of his actions. He had no reason to be harmed at all except for the fact that the atmosphere was very hostile and racist. To make it even worse no one was convicted for the murder, and after the final ruling the 2 men even admitted to killing him.

. This relates to some “problems” the blacks are having with cops these days. The black people in our society think that they are being judged or profiled by the cops. Many African Americans have been shot or arrested and everyone thinks it’s for no reason or it’s because of the color of their skin. I personally don’t agree with that or what the colored people believe.

. I don’t necessarily believe that the colored people deserve what is happening to them but they aren’t just doing nothing and being assaulted and arrested like they think they are. The colored people are obviously doing something to get the attention they get. One black teenager stole some stuff from a store and when the cops came he started running and wouldn’t stop when the cops told him to so the policemen did what they had to do and shot at him and killed him. Most of the blacks in society argue that the cop was racist and the kid didn’t deserve that, but the cops can’t just let him go and not do anything. Some African American people need to realize that the cops aren’t racist and just because someone is colored and gets arrested or assaulted by an officer for a good reason doesn’t mean the cop is racist.

. Now I don’t think what happened to Emmett Till was okay at all, that was uncalled for for sure and wasn’t necessary by any means. But people need to realize that it’s not like what it used to be, the cops aren’t racist and only pick on colored people because that’s not the truth at all.