Feeling exhausted

After spending the last couple of months delving as deep as I can into the worlds of economics, psychology, sociology, world history, politics, neuroscience, theoretical physics, biology, ecology, spatial computation, philosophy and religion. I am pretty exhausted. I feel I grew myself in some very important ways, but at the end of it, the implications of many of things I have uncovered are not happy making. Worse, it makes it way too hard to form a coherent subjective view point. I have come to believe that no human has a full objective understanding of reality, we are all trapped in our limited subjective realities, trapped within a limited geodesic slice of time and space, but accepting this may be a more effective way to live in general.

Although the post-modern humanistic belief system which is prevalent in western society demonizes our inherent tribalism and narrow minded tendencies; challenging us to see the big picture; to empathize with others. I can now fully appreciate the effectiveness of having narrow pursuits. I believe narrow philosophies such as maximizing the bottom line are born in effect to manage complexity which the lazy human brain is not well equipped to deal with beyond a certain point. This focus, by its very definition means one must ignore all kinds of other things regardless of their importance. As an idealistic millennial this does not sit well with me, nevertheless I am going to have to take a break and reset my focus or otherwise lose my mind in a tangle of human derived complexity.

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