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I’m sure it will be familiar.

For the past 83 years, the Supreme Court’s landmark decisions have usually been consistent with American public opinion. For liberals, recent exceptions to that rule have included Bush v. Gore, DC v. Heller, and Citizens United v. FEC. Conservatives have likewise decried Roe v. Wade, NFIB v. Sebelius, and Obergefell v. Hodges. But generally speaking, for the past eight decades, the Court’s excursions into political controversies have not produced a no-holds-barred constitutional crisis.

The Misleading FDR Story

The last time a right-wing Supreme Court majority stood directly in the path of the public will was during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first term.

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Our future depends on 9 Senate races.

I can’t stop checking the FiveThirtyEight Senate Forecast. It’s becoming clear that even if Democrats hold the House of Representatives and defeat Trump, progressive change will depend on a few key Senate elections.

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America needs 16 Supreme Court Justices (or more).

THE TIME HAS COME to accept that Senate Republicans will confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat.

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It’s not exactly liberal vs left-wing — nor young vs old. It’s rhetoric vs policy.

Ed Markey, the 74-year-old Democratic Senator who spent months fending off an insurgent primary challenge from Joe Kennedy III, sounded like a kind of New England Santa Claus at his victory speech last week.

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86 years ago, a strange accident of history permanently reconfigured the state legislature of Nebraska.

Of all the great changes that reshaped our nation in the 1930s — the proliferation of motion pictures, the New Deal, the end of Prohibition — perhaps no Depression-era reform is quite as unusual as the abolition of the Nebraska House of Representatives. Although the unicameral model hasn’t spread, Nebraska retains it to this day.

And it all started with one man’s trip to Australia.

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In, out. Deep, slow. Calm, ease. Smile, release.

In 2015, I fell on hard times. I was in a downward spiral; the worse things got, the more I obsessed over prior misfortunes. Eckhart Tolle calls this phenomenon “the pain-body”: a state of compulsively seeking turmoil, even if it means hurting others. Your pain-body thrives on conflict and misery, so it demands that you experience anger, shame, and hopelessness as viscerally as possible.

Tolle has explained the pain-body as follows:

It has two modes of being: dormant and active. A pain-body may be dormant 90 percent of the time; in a deeply unhappy person, though, it may be active…


Don’t be fooled. Cops alone are responsible for Hampton’s death.

Fredrick Allen Hampton in the late 1960s (Photo/ABC7 Chicago)

On Thursday, Warner Bros. Entertainment released a trailer for Judas and the Black Messiah — “a movie about the betrayal and assassination of Fred Hampton, chairman of the Black Panther Party” (per WBE’s description).

This trailer has been available on YouTube since Aug. 6, 2020.

Within hours, the buzz for this film honed in on the real William O’Neal (LaKeith Stanfield) and his role in the assassination of Hampton (Daniel Kaluuya).

Public knowledge about the plot of the film is pretty much limited to that preview, which is less than two minutes long.

But even the title has already given rise to troubling summaries of how and why Hampton died.

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“Recess” is funny, smart, and also rich with commentary on how kids internalize — and challenge — neoliberal hierarchies.

“And so, the noble Native Americans shared their bountiful food supplies with the undeserving European savages.”

“Great leaders aren’t remembered for the things they build. They’re remembered for the things they do.”

“This ball is property of the state!”

“Fight the power!”

If you were born before the Reagan Era, then you may be surprised to learn that these are quotes from a Disney cartoon that premiered in 1997. But even these surprisingly progressive excerpts don’t capture just how radical Recess is. Its characters engage in collective bargaining, civil disobedience, and dialectical arguments.


Reminding my fellow Millennials about the overachiever who burnt out, struggled with depression, and found comfort in creative expression — until his nicotine addiction killed him.

Two thousand miles from his wife and sons, a young captain in a small infantry unit stumbled conspicuously. He and his comrades were charged with keeping the peace in the California Gold Rush. The smell of liquor on his breath was unmistakable, and the “vice of intemperance” — as he called it — had already put him on thin ice with his company. According to a colonel who heard about the incident firsthand, the drunken soldier “put his face down in his hand for a long time and then commenced writing something.” …


Making a socialist utopia in Wyoming.

HEAR ME OUT: The nascent left-wing insurgency in the United States should colonize Wyoming by establishing an electoral supermajority in Laramie. At best, this project will require years of hard work; a plausible timetable would span decades.

But the payoff would be immeasurable: A far-left paradise in Wyoming would be so much more than a novelty getaway for progressive Millennials. It would be an irreversible step forward in the international fight for justice.

4 people trudge through Wyoming snow. The skyline behind them is beautiful — just like the future these comrades are building
4 people trudge through Wyoming snow. The skyline behind them is beautiful — just like the future these comrades are building
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If we start ASAP, we can transform The Equality State into a Marxist wet dream that delivers invaluable results for the Movement.

The People’s Republic of Laramie…

Alex Garrett

“guys who get off on being humiliated used to expose themselves at the grocery store or something. now they pretend to be journalists on here”

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