FOR SALE BY OWNER: 500 Emoji Paintings


In a once in a lifetime event, the world’s largest collection of oil paintings of Emojis has come up for sale. These are hand painted depictions of six of the most important symbols of the decade.

Millennials love this shit.


The liberal media has covered these groundbreaking works of artistic expression ad nausea. You can read more on Vice, cnet, The Next Web and Product Hunt (Emoji Paintings were on the homepage for an entire day).

The paintings are also in the MoMA in New York. (We mailed them 5 paintings… They never responded…)

The collection includes 🙌, 💖, 😂, 😍, and 😎. Because we love you, we’ll also throw in the poop emoji at no extra charge.

*paintings come unstretched or framed (but we can link you up with a framer)


Together they have a retail value of over $20,000. Today, they’re available for just $500. If you sell them for just THREE DOLLARS each, you will turn a profit and become a hundred-aire.

That paltry sum covers not just the rolled, un-stretched, canvases (more than 400 of them), but also a sophisticated world wide web portal (viewable at and connections with suppliers in china should you want more.


This is a perfect opportunity for a budding internet entrepreneur. The founder of Emoji Paintings is very lazy and has not done the minimal work needed to sell these brilliant works of art. With the right dedication and knowledge of PPC advertising, this could turn into a cash cow.

What are you waiting for?

Must buy the entire set.

email for deets