Lemontree is hiring a Special Projects Lead

Tl;dr Lemontree, a new kind of startup non-profit, seeks a change-making Special Projects Lead to help us solve big problems of all kinds.

Poor families deserve better.

This month, more than a million moms, dads, and kids across New York will go hungry.

We show up every day and solve this problem. Lemontree is a non-profit that sells family dinner. We deliver meal kits with everything families need to cook a delicious meal for just $2 per serving. Lemontree dinners cost less than store-bought groceries and help NYC parents stretch a tight budget.

We’re growing fast

Last year, we delivered 3,000 meals. This year, we’re already on track to grow that number by 1,000%. We’re a non-profit that scales like a startup.

And we have the money to make a real impact– in our first year in business, we raised more than two million dollars from a world-class family of donors.

Now we’re using that money to hire the best.

The role

As a Special Projects Lead, your job is simple: own meaty problems and find solutions to them.

Sometimes those problems are operational: How do we make our assembly line 2x more efficient while maintaining quality?

Sometimes those problems are about managing the creation of software: How can we build software tools that decrease our error rate?

Sometimes those problems are about marketing: How can we deliver flyers to customers that double our order rate?

For each of these problems, you’ll work closely with the team to identify a path forward, manage the implementation and iterate along the way as needed.

We’d like you to have three to five years of experience in a job where you solve problems.

To succeed, you’ll need a few key traits

  1. You are process minded–we aim to scale to hundreds of thousands of families served. We won’t do that in an ad-hoc way. You need to be constantly thinking about ways to document and scale what you’re doing.
  2. You keep your promises–when you say something is going to get done, it gets done.
  3. Empathy is your middle name–we exist to help people, that means we need you to put our clients first every time.
  4. You’re an autodidact–every day will be different and we need you to be amazing at tackling problems you’ve never seen before and learning new skills.
  5. You exude warmth–whether you’re meeting with a trucking company CEO or a low-income Dad, they leave the interaction feeling fantastic.
  6. You’re a team player– Lemontree is about community, and we value that in the office too. The CEO throws out the trash and our operations manager sometimes jumps in to do customer service.

Extra credit if you’ve built software, are an excel wiz, enjoy reading, know a ton about operations, love to cook, or have volunteer experience.

This is a job with room for growth

As we scale, there will be lots of leeway for you to grow into bigger and bigger roles. This is the perfect path to a COO role or other leadership position.

If you’re interested in starting your own startup one day, this is an amazing opportunity on the path to founder-dom. You’ll learn all of the nuts and bolts needed to build something from nothing.

To apply

Our customers come from diverse backgrounds. We’re 100% dedicated to building an organization that reflects this. We strongly encourage women and people of color to apply.

If you want to chat, send an email to alex@lemontreefoods.org.