Lemontree Stories: Chicken Dinner

Introducing a new Lemontree feature: Lemontree Stories. We’ll periodically be spotlighting our customers, asking them a few questions, and sharing photos of them and their families cooking Lemontree dinners at home. Our first featured customer is Claudia Cisneros, who invited us into her home for a family cooking affair with her mother Laura, husband Rolando, and three kids — David, Kimberly and Valeria.

Claudia was motivated to try Lemontree to discover new things — both improving her skills as a home cook and serving well-rounded meals with healthy ingredients the family wasn’t already familiar with — on a budget. She signed up at our New Life Grove site, where her three-year-old daughter goes to preschool, from the first week of delivery. The family lives in an apartment in Ridgewood a short walk from the center.

When they’re not cooking Lemontree, the family enjoys snacking on fresh fruit and will usually eat rice or pasta for dinner. While we were cooking, Ronaldo explained that he works full-time as a chef and often brings his professional expertise home, preparing Italian dishes he learned at the restaurant or regional dishes from the family’s roots in Puebla and Morelos, Mexico.

Claudia also works part-time at a shoe store, but her hours are irregular and unpredictable. Between work schedules and the kids’ comings and goings, the family’s free time is limited. Claudia says one of her favorite things about Lemontree is that it gives her family an activity they can do together — Laura picks up the ingredients when she takes Valeria home from school, and David and Kimberly often help prepare ingredients and set the table — so they have a bonding opportunity which is also affordable, educational and good for them. On our visit, David helped his parents mash the sweet potatoes.

Since Ronaldo is so comfortable in the kitchen, the family has historically relied on him to do most of the family’s home cooking. Thanks to Lemontree, Claudia describes her skills in the kitchen as much improved, and she now has the confidence to prepare meals she never imagined she’d be able to cook for the family. She’s proud that her son asked for seconds of something she made for the first time ever when she followed one of our recipes. She also loves that she’s been challenged to cook and eat things for the first time ever with Lemontree meals, like the collard greens she cooked for this dinner.

Thanks for inviting us into your home, Claudia! We look forward to being part of many more family meals in the future.