Slack just changed the game (again)

Last week Slack quietly released a new feature: All Unread (it’s off by default for many users). This is a giant improvement to the Slack experience. Before this feature, catching up on Slack messages after a couple of hours or days away was a huge pain. It’s now a bit easier, especially if you take the time to set Slack up properly.

GIF Courtesy Slack

The All Unread view allows you to quickly catch up on unread messages. Slack is now skimmable. Instead of clicking around to each of the channels you care about, you can just open up All Unread and see the latest.

While it may feel like a small improvement, this new view makes it easier to digest more information in less time. Before All Unread, Slack was a great real-time feed of information and an excellent way to find information with search. It worked well in the moment and weeks later, but Slack was tough to use for people that don’t spend all day at their desk.

Managers that live in meetings have told me that opening Slack at the end of the day used to feel like a mess. All Unread makes Slack much more useful for those people. Now, they have a single easy to skim page.

The All Unread view is much more manageable if you’re able to prioritize your channels. By muting the channels you care less about and starring the channels you’re most interested in, you can keep your unread tab, cleaner and easier to parse. We’ll be sharing more on our blog about strategies for Starring and Muting channels in the coming weeks. If you just can’t wait, shoot us an email, we’d love to talk you through the best practices.

All Unread isn’t turned on for many Slack users. If you don’t see the All Unread view, you can enable it in you preferences under “Advanced”

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