We’re hiring a Product Manager…

There are more hungry people in New York than there are citizens of San Francisco.

To make matters worse: the same moms that don’t know where dinner is going to come from are constantly treated with disrespect and stigma.

At Lemontree we get to show up at work every day and tackle these critical issues.

We’re a non-profit that helps our customers put a dignified and delicious meal on the table at a fair price.

We’re a small team of two that operates like a high-growth startup. Our donors are some of the top VCs and founders in NYC and we’re on track to deliver tens of thousands of meals this year (we launched in May).

This job isn’t like most Product Management jobs.

Most PMs focus on shipping software. At Lemontree, you get to manage a tangible product (meal kits).

Most PMs work at profit-driven corporations. At Lemontree, you get to focus on helping people instead of maximizing profit.

Most PMs implement someone else’s playbook. At Lemontree, you get to define the future of our product.

How we work

As a non-profit, our only responsibility is to serve our low-income customers. Your job is to make sure we’re doing right by them.

That means you’ll talk to customers. All the time.

You’ll back your qualitative insights up with quantitative experiments and surveys.

And you’ll use these insights to design and implement changes to our weekly grocery kits and ordering mechanics (which all exist as text messages).

Who we’re looking for

At Lemontree we care very little about your background or where you went to college (in fact, no one on the team has a degree).

Instead, we’re looking for empathetic, scientific and resourceful people eager to make an impact.

Ideally, you have 2+ years of job experience doing something interesting, have great writing and communication skills and love to ship things out the door.

Most of our customers speak Spanish and your job is to understand our customers, so we need you to be fluent.

How to apply

Our customers come from diverse backgrounds. We’re 100% dedicated to building an organization that reflects this. We strongly encourage women and people of color to apply.

Send an email to alex@lemontreefoods.org. Bonus points if you tell us what your favorite food is.