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(“geeky news”: Such posts are probably more interesting for people with a similar profession as I have ;-)

The last ~four days I finally was able to work again. Although, that actually means I was trying to install Linux on my precious laptop (as a dual-boot with Win7). It took me 5 attempts and lots of reading in the Internet till I got the desired configuration. Now I’m just installing the scientific software, which is hopefully done by tonight. So, in the best case scenario I’ll be able to do some actual scientific work tomorrow. Yeah, it’s been f**king ~5 weeks that i haven’t done any science :-/. Since I started my master thesis in autumn 2009 I didn’t have such a long break from science (incl. studying for exams). If your are science addict like me, you can imaging how thirsty I’m right now. Especially, since I’ve great results (trust me on this one) and want to publish them ASAP (as always).

The administrative support of my institute is quite good, at least so far. However, the working environment is far from optimal or I’m just super spoiled from my last Institute. Currently the most annoying thing is that there is no IT-support, which would have been super helpful while installing Linux. I guess the institute is just too small to be able to effort such a thing. However, this also slows your scientific progress down because you need to take care on your own about software/hardware issue , where your are by design not an expert in.

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