What does it mean to be world class developer?

Today I encountered a job listing and one of requirements was being world class developer. I could not quickly determine what this can mean to me, and I started to look for its definition. I found one more or less good definition by Ryan Cook, but it is very subjective.

Each of us can think about his own list of requirement for being world class developer, but it can never be objective. I remember my self 10 years ago than I was junior developer I also thought I’m a world class developer.

Well, 10 years ago things were different: you should know one programming language, how to make rollover with JavaScript and how to use table html tag. That was enough for being web developer.

A month ago I wrote about what it takes being web developer nowadays. The difference is huge.

Developer’s technology stack is getting bigger and requirements are growing. Also tech skills will not grantee 100% of success in job finding because you also must be relevant and competitive.

Eventually, the creativity of HR manager also reached fantastic levels. That is why we can see this kind of modern terms in job descriptions :)

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