Globally, millions of new retail traders have entered public markets in the past few months. Major brokerages such as Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade and E*Trade have each added hundreds of thousands of new accounts in Q1 2020. Robinhood eclipsed those numbers, announcing three million new accounts so far, bringing the platform’s total number of users to over 13 million.

The increase in retail trading accounts comes at a time when public markets have entered a period of high volatility — catalyzed, of course, by COVID-19 — which sent major US indexes tumbling more than 15 percent in March and propelling…

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From my couch, I can buy SEC-registered shares of a 1985 Ferrari Testarossa. I can also purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum, build robust copy-trading strategies, or compare home insurance quotes online. And yet, despite the proliferation of consumer finance over the past decade, personal financial management (PFM) tools are still lagging in functionality and features.

Catalysts and Existing Challenges

Tokenization is a concept that was first introduced in 2001 by TrustCommerce to replace cardholder data with a unique identifier known as a token. Over the past two decades, with the rise of blockchain technology and the token economy, this once siloed use-case has evolved dramatically. With applications spanning nearly every industry, the concept of tokenization and blockchain technology is poised to significantly disrupt the global economy.

In an earlier Medium piece, we explored potential paths to mass adoption of blockchain technology as it relates more broadly to decentralized finance (DeFi). Our intention in this piece…

This week, Anthemis hosted the first event in our “Off the Record” series, a set of closed-door conversations on intimate topics that are seldom discussed, yet are enormously important to entrepreneurs and investors within the early stage ecosystem. This inaugural event, titled “Family Ties”, focused on the successes and pitfalls of investing in and founding businesses with family members.

The audience was a mix of entrepreneurs and investors, many who had personal experience with family-founded businesses: twin co-founders and best friends, a husband and wife partnership, sibling co-founders who also live together and investors with experience in investing in family-founded…

What is DeFi?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a new paradigm that is emerging within the financial services space. Driven by distributed ledger technology and open source software, and encouraged by better-aligned incentive and governance structures, this new system allows users access to open and permissionless financial services while also granting individuals complete control over their wealth and personal data. DeFi is completely transparent, with no counter-party risk as all agreements are arbitrated by smart contracts which always execute as planned. …

Fintech Finds A Home In Real Estate Tech

We are witnessing immense value creation from the emergence of a new paradigm in financial services and markets. Driven by rapid improvements in technology, disruptive new business models and an appetite for change, we have seen fintech radically transform the financial sector. As this pace of innovation continues to accelerate, we will also witness vertical applications of these innovations as fintech impacts adjacent industries. …

Alex Steiner

Early stage fintech investor @Anthemis

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