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A few months ago, a random Twitter encounter led to me meeting the fantastic Janna Bastow as she was preparing her new talk: Decisions, Debt, and other Dilemmas.

I was in the middle of my quest to interview as many top software engineering teams as was necessary to nail the perfect process to manage tech debt.

Needless to say, we blew right past the time we’d allocated for our introductory call as we were riffing about technical debt and how big a role it plays in the daily decisions of Agile software development teams.

Janna and the ProdPad team were incredibly kind to organise a webinar for me to talk about what I’d learned from the 200 top engineering teams I’d interviewed about tech debt. …

Illustrated image of man yelling in another man’s ear
Illustrated image of man yelling in another man’s ear

Over the last six months, I’ve interviewed more than 200 top software engineers about tech debt. In this post — the first in a series that will crystallise my learnings from this experience — I’ll share with you how the best in our field make the business case for any given piece of tech debt.

Apply these lessons and you too will be able to understand which debt you should address first. They will help you unlock the resources you need by enabling you to convince your colleagues — especially senior management — that this is the right move.

I started on this journey determined to find the shared characteristics of engineering teams who have tech debt under control. But something else struck me along the way — even at those companies where tech debt was well managed, not all of it was addressed. …

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Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

Over the last six months, I’ve learned how the best software engineers and leaders manage technical debt. I’ve interviewed more than 200 experts to understand how tech debt is handled at growing software companies. I’ve discovered what many companies are missing and compiled my learnings into a simple but powerful framework to share with you.

As part of the customer-development work for our new Stepsize product, I needed to understand the differences between software companies that have their tech debt under control and those that don’t.

Tech debt is an emotional topic, and it gets people talking like nothing else — and it’s a lot less controversial than politics. Just ask your local engineer about tech debt, and you’ll see. …


Alex Omeyer

Building Stepsize, a SaaS company to measure and manage technical debt.

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