Become a more effective and empathetic reviewer

Reviewing code is an daily occurrence for developers. It can be a humbling learning experience, but it can also turn into an egocentric process. Over the last few years I’ve learned some best practices, either through personal experience or excellent advice from peers, that have helped me to become a…

Edited (6/24/18): This story was imported from my old personal blog. Apologies ahead of time for wonky code blocks. Also I’ve learned an enormous amount since then, including that this usually isn’t a great strategy for code separation. For historical purposes I’m leaving it here though.

Say you are trying…

So I’m deviating away from my tradional topic of web development for a bit. This is because my friend and I came up with an idea for an iOS app, (beer was involved), and it sparked my curiosity in iOS development enough that I actually decided to set aside time…

Alex Persian

iOS engineer @ Spotify

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