Hey Alex!
Tom Coleman

Hi Tom!

Thanks for your feedback.

This tool is exactly for developers. Of course there is some tooling for changing style of components in Structor, but it is not suitable for design — it does not cover all design needs.

The biggest advantage of Structor is in generating scaffolds of component source code (React, Redux, etc.) and pluggable presets of ready-to-use components on Structor Market (free absolutely).

Also, Structor is capable to extract components into a new presets which may be published on the market in GH repos.

My project does not have a good traction in React community so far. I guess it’s because I don’t have much time to tell about it everywhere, and the another reason — the lack of documentation.

Though, I have many feedbacks and now I’m developing Structor intensively. So, I hope it will be much more helpful to React devs, especially if there will be many components on Structor Market.

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