It should be common knowledge, but for those of you who are unaware: The music industry is a place where people work in order to make money. Yes, it is also a place where dreams come true, where people make connections that last a lifetime over lyrics that speak to them, where fans can live in the same sphere as the people they love from afar, even if it’s just through Twitter or a short-lived meet-and-greet.

I’m not saying the music industry doesn’t have problems, or that it should be all about the money. I am a fan, a musician, and a music writer: I’m privileged enough to be in three spheres of an endless industry that I can’t claim to know everything about. …

The music industry is a hard place to be a woman, but the female artists of today are continuing to forge a path for our gender in this world. Among them is Brianna Musco, a former college soccer star and classical guitar player at Delaware State University. She is currently on tour to promote her upcoming debut EP, “Forever,” with her full backing band composed of Lucas Jones (guitars), Kory Hilpmann (keys), Nicholas Cela (drums), and Chris Basile (bass).

Below, Brianna discusses her challenges with her career so far and gives a sneak peek at one of the tracks of her upcoming release! …

Above a Whisper’s latest single, “Never Let Go,” is definitely more Djentle than gentle! Beginning with a building energy, the song explodes in a way that carries a solid energy sure to cement the newcomers to a firm place in the metal world.

Formed in the summer of 2018, Above a Whisper is a six-piece band from Dayton, Ohio. They mixed metal, djent, and progressive styles to create and release their first track, “Never Let Go” in September 2018. Surprisingly aggressive and well-done for a band that’s just starting off, the single is very well-mixed and balanced in the vocals. …


Alexa Okane

Alexa is a Professional Writing student at Champlain College. Visit her website at for more of her writing!

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