Feature: Scotch the Filmmaker

Alexa Okane
2 min readJan 5, 2019
All images courtesy of Scotch the Filmmaker

What happens when you mix a creative perspective with a favorite drink?

You get some awesome music!

Scotch the Filmmaker was born one special night when Joe Monahan attended a party at Adam Balasco’s apartment and met someone named Scott. When asked which Scott he met, Joe described him as “Scott the Filmmaker,” and a band name was born. The group, then a three piece including Brad Mueller, Joe, and Adam, decided to alter it slightly to “Scotch the Filmmaker” not only show a different side of the story, but fit the quirks of other members as well.

Initially, the group made their debut as a core rhythm section to feature other musicians in their first album, Don’t Drink Alone. From there, the lineup shifted. Adam went on to play drums for Al Stewart and the Empty Pockets, so Brian Kinney stepped in on drums just as the band expanded. It now officially includes Franny Sadler and John and Katie Schieber, who collaborated on the first record and decided to stick around.

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, the band creates a groovy indie mix of pop, blues, and jazz that’s easy to enjoy for fans of a variety of genres. Smooth melodies and steady basslines match groovy guitar solos in their music, allowing the vocals to float effortlessly and the harmonies to twinkle.

“Fate,” one of the grooviest tracks from the group, exemplifies some of the best of Scotch the Filmmaker’s skills. The bassline intro sets the mood for the rest of the piece as the smooth vocals enter to cue the rest of the group. Nothing is lost in the mix in this song, a feat to be amazed by in such a big group.

Fans of Sheppard, Lawson, and even Shatterproof will love Scotch the Filmmaker.

Scotch the Filmmaker will be recording a live album in January and will release an EP in 2019. They are also planning a 2019 holiday album and will touring in varying lineups throughout the year.



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