2018 Resolutions

from https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16044255

Less consuming, more creating. Doesn’t matter what it is, doesn’t matter if it’s bad.

Instead of just playing games, try to create them. Theres the global game jam coming up. I’ll make some time for it. And spend the first few weekends this year going over unity tutorials.

Instead of just using apps, hit the hackathons join the teams and try to make a few. Learn new frameworks and maybe even languages while doing so.

Instead of listening to podcasts, write a couple on topics I’m working on or in proximity to (Not just tech, but political activism im my case). Record a few. See what the feedback is like.

Instead of just voting, get involved in political parties (I already do this I must admit), get out campainging and creating new support.

Instead of just passively using open source libraries, have a skim through the issues and see if theres anything I can spend an hour or two helping with. Even if it’s just documentation or tests.

The main point of it all is, even if it’s bad or goes nowhere, I’ve found at least trying to create rather than just passively read/play/consume tends to have positive outcomes, even if that’s just learning new things, getting new contacts, or getting new ideas to try further down the road. Hence, the resolution: More creating, less consuming.

I’ll be doing a slightly-silly personal challenge that I made up: walk 7,777,777 steps, write 777,777 words, do 77,777 jumping jacks, 7,777 press-ups, eat 777 different types of fruit, achieve target weight of 77kg, and run 7 10K races.

1. Ship every day — keep momentum going (talking to new customers, fixing bug, building new feature)

2. Be more accountable — write on Skype every day to my business partner what I will work on today.

3. Stay focused — Keep putting the gas on the 1 or 2 things taht work.

4. Stop seeking perfection — find 90% of results with 10% of efforts.

5. Travel more — I plan to visit South Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia this year!

Spend at least one week in a country and culture I don’t understand.

Eat almost no sugar

Get a Higher resolution display (around 4k maybe) and be more ergonomic in general.

Release an Open Source Project and develop it for a year.

Turn my comments into blog posts instead of just comments.

But most important to have fun!