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Lost continents and flying machines sound like elements from a science fiction novel. To the Hopi tribe, it’s pure history.

The History of the Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria is a curious, mind-expanding account of the Hopi people and the whole of humanity’s past.

According to the storyteller and former chief Oswald White Bear Fredericks, society has been through three worlds, including the legendary Lemuria. Fire has destroyed the First World, ice obliterated the Second World, and the Third World (Lemuria) sunk into the Pacific Ocean.

Over in the Atlantic, the Atlanteans wanted to take over Lemuria for their power. They constantly battled with the Lemurians with their advanced flying ships. …

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Suppose you haven’t been playing Neverwinter recently. In that case, the latest module (Module 18) has players performing new tasks to enhance their item levels. One of those includes obtaining and upgrading mount collars. If you’re not already a top-dog player, you may benefit from this.

What are Mounts?

Mounts are your fast modes of transportation in Neverwinter. They’re much better than running around with your character from place to place. Mounts can be your regular horse, a shadow wolf, a manticore, a broom, a blob, and even a yeti.

What are Item Levels?

To find your current item level, go to your menu screen, and select “Character Sheet.” …

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Photo by Stephen Walker on Unsplash

Danielle Steel dedicates 20 hours a day to writing. Thanks to her incredible work effort, she has published over 190 books to date.

Romance writing legend Barbara Cartland has produced over 700 books. Westerns writer Lauran Paine has written over 1,000, with a bit of sci-fi, mystery, and romance to the mix. What do these authors have in common? Think about it.

You step into a library and see a bookcase filled with James Patterson’s books. Nora Roberts is steadily taking over in the romance department, and R.L …


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