What has happened is women have been enabled. They can now be successful mothers in a traditional marriage or successful single mothers.
“Perfectly secure in their role as mother” in no way means that the traditional nuclear family…
AJ Butler

And you see this as a bad thing, I suppose. It was much better when my mother (though better educated and much more capable in all areas) was dependent on my father, who spent every night hammered and abusing her and us, but who made more money because he had a penis and so rendered her unable to raise us on her own, was forced to stay in that untenable situation, right?

I will concede that poor married couples often miss the income requirements to receive assistance and that this can result in strained relationships and divorce. This is not Because women have been enabled, but rather because our country’s established aid is literally more harm than help. Women working is not our downfall. The ridiculous disappearance of the middle class because of how our leaders prioritize spending is.

And you are right. Women are the naviagors of species reproduction, though most I know would GLADLY hand it over if we could. But it’s increasingly less likely a woman will ever be granted permission to withhold a child from an interested father who wants to be involved in his child’s life unless abuse has been present. Any normal, stable man should be able to secure parental rights and custody or visitation if he so desires. Is it a perfect system? No. But it’s getting better. Where when I was a kid mom was almost automatically granted primary custody, joint 50/50 custody is sharply on the rise and with it, child support laws are moving more towards center.

So if you don’t like the way it is, work to change it. But please stop assuming that all women are leading fairytale lives of leisure while their men work themselves into an early grave to accommodate their whims.

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