When I think of psychopaths, I think of people who are capable of murder without any thought.
I’m a computer scientist, so I don’t actually know what I’m talking about when I describe Trump and…

Antisocial Personality Disorder. That’s where you get the no empathy, no regard for others, no guilt. It’s a spectrum, so you’ll get murderers who are psychopaths (Ted bundy /jim jones) and you’ll get murderers who are sociopaths (most school shooters). One is able to wear a very magnetic social persona, and hide the pathological behaviors somewhat, the other is a loner, not able to form attachments, real or contrived. OMG I love this subject. i could go on all day.

So, anyway, not everyone with APD is a murderer. it gets channeled in various ways. Business is a biggie…i’d slap Trump down under psychopath/business. I don’t know about Duterte. But an approval rating of 80% would not surprise me. It’s easy to lose ones humanity as part of a whole, when the alternative is to accept that a madman is in charge and calling basically for people to be gunned down in the street. Wouldn’t take much of a leap to “he’s cleaning up the place like we’ve always wanted someone to do. Worthless addicts.” I don’t know. I see similar things coming here in the states. :(

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