And who decides what is “too mentally ill” to be president?
Nicole Francesca

Anxiety and depression are a far different animal than Cluster B personality disorders--i.e. the dark triad.

Personality disorders are less likely to respond to medication, in the very rare event that the disordered person would even seek treatment. You will never hear Trump do what you just did here: own his illness and advocate for others with mental illness. It is almost unheard of for a narcissist to identify as such. Narcissists and borderline individuals and those with anti-social tendencies almost never accept responsibility for their destructive actions. They do not feel remorse for pain they cause others. Their immediate needs are ALL that matter; because they NEED* something, whatever wreckage they leave in their wake in order to meet that need is plainly justifiable in their eyes.

I suffer from bipolar II. I manage the condition medically and with various therapy techniques so it has as little impact on the people I love as possible. When I have a manic episode, my behavior can resemble someone with borderline personality disorder. It is rare, and devastating. And when it is over, I become incredibly anxious and depressed as a result of my behavior.

I do not think someone in my situation should be in a position of power because bipolar cycling can make me less stable than someone without the illness.

I don’t think someone like Donald Trump should be president because he is constitutionally incapable of basing his decisions on anything beyond the immediate need he wants to fill at any given moment. And I think that is infinitely more dangerous.

*I am not talking about “basic needs”. A need can be anything: revenge, adoration, to “satisfy an itch”, impress a stranger, to demean, get money, power, votes, inspire fear…always completely self-serving. And your needs? They won’t even be acknowledged unless they align with the narcissist’s.

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