I wouldn’t need to dispute global misogyny, as I agree that is largely the case in…
Sirous Martel

Because I hate puppies.

What would you call yourself when you blatently stated that those (slut walkers, was it? Niiiiice.) protesting in support of women who have been harmed should go protest in Saudi Arabia and basically see what an ACTUAL patriarchy treats them…

Sounds an awful lot like “you gonna cry? Come over here and I’ll give you something to cry about.”

You think YOU were raped? Come over here and I’ll show you what rape really is…

Trying to make a hierarchy with something like rape culture is like saying it’s not okay to be thirsty because someone is more thirsty than you.

Do I think you BELIEVE you reinforce and condone sexually assaultive behavior? Heavens, no.

I think you hate women. All the months I’ve been here has shown me nothing but that. At least, you hate the loud, outspoken, mouthy ones.

I imagine you are lovely with the quiet, pliable types.

No misogynist identifies as such. The complete disdain with which you speak of certain subsets of the female population outs you, though.

You can’t respect women if your rants includes qualifying identifiers like “slut walkers, feminists…”

Please just do us a favor and stop pretending to be something other than who you are.

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