Yeah he’s angry and there’s nothing you will be able to say to him that will relieve that anger.
Amber Lisa

Don’t worry about me. I’m entirely unaffected by him. I’m honestly trying to have a discussion about this; it’s a topic I am trying to learn more about because like you, I do think there are unfair disadvantages not only for women, but for men as well. I did my best to acknowledge his more valid points without accepting the blame for the fact that those points are valid.

I don’t get riled up too easily, unless I’m dealing with my 14 year-old daughter. She can flip my switch in a microsecond. Ugh.

I tried to keep things as impersonal as I could after my first comment (which I regretted, in part, because I had just read something else he wrote and it had REALLY pissed me off, but that’s not what the discussion was about), but he kept accusing me of lying and obfuscating and dodging and denying and he was making it very personal so I gave some of that back to him. But I don’t feel anything for him but pity that he lives his life with such a self-defeating outlook on the world.

That’s lame.

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