she’s voicing her immense unhappiness about becoming what we have spent our whole lives being,
I’m in the same boat, going gray has zero impact on my life-long invisibility (also apple shaped!
KimBoo York

For the record, I spent the majority of my thirties almost 100 lbs overweight, by medical standards. I’m 5’3" and was quite a little over 200 lbs. Not once THEN did I feel like I feel NOW, and I’m now at a normal weight by medical standards and for all intents and purposes, more aesthetically pleasing than I was a decade ago.

So, I say again, this is not about that.

And I’m so sorry that my personal feelings about my own life have somehow offended you.

But I’d like to thank you for joining the millions of people who somehow think the way a woman feels about herself on any given day is not okay because you think you live where she’s at today every day and you do it without feeling that way about yourself. Or if you do feel that way about yourself, you’re tough enough to feel it silently, without bothering other people about it.

It’s like saying someone doesn’t have the right to feel poor because someone else is poorer.

Or like one person’s depression is not severe enough to warrant mention because someone else’s is more severe.

And it stinks.

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