Kat Kline

God, I’ve not read that in its entirety since college, I don’t think! Timeless.

What struck me was the pride. Empty pride. Pride over something rewritten to suit them. All of this--a commander-in-chief who starts childish Twitter wars rather than addressing the ailing state of our nation. Growing subjugation of anyone not white, not cis, not genetically male, in an age where enlightenment is available for the low, low price of acceptance. Climate-change deniers when science passed the milestone of collecting irrefutable evidence to the contrary generations ago…

All of this hatred around the fear of facing the hypocrisy of pride based on falsehoods and creative interpretations.

It all has me locked in a very dark place, because try as I might, I do not understand a government that would sacrifice all it swore to protect in order to protect something that never existed in the first place.

It’s straight up completely and totally insane.

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