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I don’t hate Trump. I am terrified of him. Bring any argument you like, the bottom line is that he is a deeply disordered individual. He enjoys making people suffer. He is unable to accept his part in anything that happens in his life unless it’s a good thing. The good things, he exaggerates. The bad things, he deflects blame.

All politicians are egomaniacal, to varying degrees. But what trump has can’t be fixed any more than we could have fixed Bundy. Or Dahmer. It’s that kind of illness, and though I don’t think taking the approach the republicans took with Obama ( striking down everything he tried simply because he tried it, regardless of the merits it may have carried) is likely to benefit the country ( and I do see a lot of that happening), I don’t believe we should accept any behavior from him that we would confront an average citizen about if, say, it was directed at your mother (or mine). I don’t think expecting him to be polite and abide by basic norms of respect and fairness is asking too much. Or it shouldn’t be.

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