Okay, I have thought about this all day. Here is what I came up with:
Charlotte Franklin

I hate sex. There. I’ve said it. I loved sex with one person and he turned out to basically be the antichrist. I opened myself up to him and never again will I do that.

I grew up in a non religious home but the way my father acted about sexuality you would have thought he was a monk. Oh, except for all the torture porn he kept barely hidden which of course I found in fourth grade along with the pot stash and the secret to watering down the booze.

But I was shamed for needing pads when I menstruated and for growing breasts.

Started at 14 ( same man who later ruined me, only 3 years ago) and went strong with the sex and the drinking and the drugs for the next 25 years. I don’t think I ever allowed even one man to give me an orgasm. Took care of those on my own.

Have not followed this thread so I may be way off base. But that was my experience.

The end. Of all of it.

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