I cry a lot.
Victoria Pendragon

I know. I wrote about that feeling a few months back. That feeling of

GOD. I finally learned enough about narcissistic abuse to get myself to a safe place and away from the people who KEPT SHOWING UP AND TRYING TO DESTROY ME. I climbed out of the pit I landed in after the last one, stronger and smarter and better and I got a TEASPOON of courage back, and experienced a SIP of relief…and now I find myself right back there, but in a capacity I CAN’T ESCAPE.

I feel like our whole country is basically saying to women, and minorities,

“Just give it up. None of this will EVER belong to you.”

And I don’t understand why. I don’t understand why we don’t storm the castle. There are MORE OF US THAN THERE ARE OF THEM. We are SMARTER.

We’re trying to work within the system, and I think that’s a huge part of the problem. We’re trying to solve something illogical and immoral and in many instances illegal using the system we’ve created to protect us from this very thing. But the system is somehow what has trapped us here. Because they don’t feel the need to work within its constraints even as they tighten those very constraints on the rest of us.

Someone is going to have to play dirty to change our trajectory.

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