I don’t give a flying F@ck about no HILLARY! I got more pressing issues…but I am tired of all the HILLARY HATING, just for the sake of it. I am offended, because even though I don’t vote with my vagina, I do have one. I am sick of all this not stop hate directed at her just because she had the audacity to do the same things that every single Pub men, and a fair amount of Dem men, do or would do every day, if given the opportunity.
Just nope.
Amber Lisa



And I feel exactly the same way about Hilary. Do I believe she’s corrupt? You bet. Do I believe she’s any more corrupt than everyfreakingbodyelse in DC? Nope.

It’s that damned vagina.

No one is perfect, and frankly, no one is going to do a good enough job in the White House, because the job is too big for one person (and I mean the job independent of the other branches of government…just the executive functions). No one is going to check off everything on the to do list. And, at this point in time, no one is going to have enough integrity to be a true president for the people. Because no one gets to that place in politics by coloring in the lines. No one gets there without playing quid pro quo with monsters. And that’s a sad, sad commentary on American politics.

But I’d rather a career politician than a reality show psycho who clearly slept through every US history and Poli Sci class he ever took. And I don’t say that lightly, because if he is removed, I fear for our country at the hands of his successor.

To be perfectly honest, though I wouldn’t have cast my ballot his way under any circumstance, I was really hoping he was going to prove me wrong and turn out to be the people’s dark horse candidate. I was hoping he’d see the light and prove me wrong because the alternative, now, doesn’t give me warm fuzzies either.

You have a fantastic perspective and an addictive writing style. Thank you. :)

(And I apparently, today, ramble and rant.

In my defense, I’ve really not written anything since March, and then, only pieces about the grief of losing a parent. I guess I had a lot of nonsense bottled up and I apparently popped the cork today. :)

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