To the flip side, if you haven’t read this one yet either, it will likewise validate the danger…
Caleb Ramsby

I suspect he is the traitorous leak Trump won’t shut up about.

I can only imagine a man like Mike Pence agreeing to a VP gig (a job with minimal influence; not all that much of a job at all, actually…) with the likes of a Yahoo like Donald Trump for one reason:

Because it’s a straight shot to the Oval Office from there. But only if the president can’t continue to serve.

A guy like Mike Pence could NEVER get to the POTUS seat the traditional way. His ideology is barbaric to a majority of Americans, and he’s lacking that “not part of d.c.” thing Trump had going for him.

This vice presidency is his way in. His ONLY way in.

And I think he fully intends to get there.

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