I think you’re incorrect with your assumptions here.
William Anderson

I think that you are incorrect with your assumptions of the point I am making. Us every rich person Scrooge McDuck? Maybe not. But we have so skewed the meaning and value of money. There is no way in Hell that someone who creates video games for a living should be making 10x what someone teaching the next generation to read, and write, and yes, create video games, does. And yet, that is exactly what is happening. So it doesn’t really matter if two guys who made it but are letting go of their money. Carreeeefuulllyy…

We still place an obscene premium on certain professions while others who work just as hard are scraping by in poverty. And privatized banks, who are for all intents and purposes, BROKE ( sort of like the US government, huh?) are given boosts so they don’t fold, so they can then turn around and refuse to show even a fraction of the same grace to individuals in financial trouble. Instead, transactions are moved around in the event of an overdraft in order to maximize the number of overdraft charges the bank collects. Some of those people never get out from under the bank who, whaddya know, was under as well but given a free pass it would never extend.

And let’s talk about home loans, shall we?

I’m so glad you got one. However, many people who work their fingers to the bone and pay their bills will never qualify, forcing them to pay 2 times in rent what you pay for your mortgage. All that money , while you build equity, they build nothing. That is because our economy is built on the shoulders of the little guy, for the big guy to further prosper while he barely holds his head above water and cannot get ahead.

If you can’t see the unfair way we deal with money and wealth in this country then I already know who you are and I’m not interested in discussing this further.

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