That ignorance to 60 in under a minute is what tipped me off, too, Caleb Ramsby.

I was very wary of her from day one, when she said she was in recovery so I shared my own story and asked her the basics--you going to meetings, have a sponsor, etc. And she didn’t respond, just liked the comment. But she was responding to LITERALLY everyone else. So I backed off for a couple of weeks. Then I started getting stuff in my feed from Elliott, Clay, etc. And more from women I really respect so I let her back in…posted the mama bear msg saying to take advantage of the resources around her and again brought recovery up…and AGAIN no response. But it just looked like I was the ONLY one who had doubts and I wanted to trust her.

I donated but it’s like I told Tre, I gave with pure heart and honest intentions, so I’m not sorry. My end of the gift didn’t change. I have to cut it off there, though, because if I get thinking on it too hard I start feeling like she took something from me and I need to remember, NO, I GAVE IT TO HER. And in that moment it was no longer mine to covet or possess.


God Bless Jennifer. She needs you.


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