He remembered my name, and what town I had met him in…
Holy moly, Happy belated Birthday!

I’d say that was amazing, but for some reason it doesn’t surprise me. He was an exceptional human who cared about other humans.

How freaking SWEET for you, though! I’d have lost my mind a little if it had been me.

I found it so sad that he got dementia there at the end, even though he was SUCH a good sport about it. But his mind was such an awesome thing.

I was introduced to Discworld by my now ex-husband. However, first, he had me read Good Omens.

I “met” Pratchett AND Gaiman there, and afterwards, in order, read the Discworld books. I couldn’t get enough. Read, and reread. But when we divorced, for a long time I wasn’t able to even look at the covers or say Pratchett’s name. They felt like they weren’t mine to read or to say.

Seems silly, now.

The man was genius. ❤

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